I'm finally trying to get back some blogging momentum after a hard 3 months of not feeling well.  I had a very weird severe allergy/auto-immune thing going on and now after eliminating tons of things from my diet (like wheat and sugar) I am feeling a bit better.  I've also changed out almost every chemical product in my house and I'm not sure I'll ever really  know the exact cause of my spiral into a highly allergic state but as a life long allergy sufferer I know that keeping away from as many harsh chemicals and foods that trigger me is my only real hope to keep my symptoms at bay.  I can't handle anti-histamines on a daily basis.  Even the non-drowsy ones knock me out.  So hope you forgive my lack of posts.  For now I'll just be doing some quicky ones as I try to get back into the rhythm of it all again.

Despite my not feeling well this Spring, team moxie carried on heroically as they always do and the shop is super full of really cute stuff.  We added so many new lines after our visits to the winter gift markets and now that I'm back on track I've been shopping my bootie off every weekend at the estate sales.  Lots of new and very unique vintage finds have been arriving several times a week.

I'm really looking forward to a fun memorial day weekend and hope you all have a great one too.  
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what's new at the shop???

I've been doing a lot of what I love these past few weeks now that the weather has warmed up somewhat here in the midwest.  That is vintage shopping of course!  Here are a few things we dropped off at the shop this afternoon.  A full photo album of the rest of our weekend's finds can be found over on our Facebook page.  www.facebook.com/moxie.dekalb

Hope you had a great weekend too!  
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