I love you this much ...

For whatever reason, I like to take pictures of goofy things when I'm out junking and send them to my mister.  My rule is the item has to have a "message" on it that is appropriate for him.  I started doing this about 4 years ago and now I can't stop.  I have a problem.  Is there a 10 step program for weird-os like myself who are addicted to taking pictures of tchotchkes??

Tchotchke (/ˈɒkə/choch-ka)[1][2][3][4][5] is a small bauble, curio, dingus, doodad, doohickey, gewgaw, gimcrack, gizmo, kitsch, knickknack, lagniappe, miscellaneous item, plaything, swag, thingamabob, thingamajig, thingie, toy, trinket, whatchamacallit, whosit, whatsit, widget, etc. Depending on context, the term has a connotation of worthlessness or disposability as well as tackiness

I think the Wikipedia definition is pretty dead on correct.  I mean my goal is actually to find the MOST tacky or perhaps worthless item with a sweet message.  I love the juxtaposition of its actual doohickey status mixed with its message of love or adoration.  

I usually don't even get much of a response.  I think my little crazy photo texts are "tolerated" and not really enjoyed for the long distance love hugs they are meant to be.  But I don't let that stop me.  I'm not easily discouraged when it comes to playfully messing with my man.  Deep inside I think I secretly wish that someone would send me this ... 

But they don't.  I just get the run of the mill .... what should we have for dinner and the other standard fare as far as texting goes.  One of these days I might get lucky and a silly apron-wearing pig holding a frying pan will pop up on my screen.  He'll be holding a sign that says ..." What's cookin .... good lookin.  Then all will be right in my world.  Pin It


Out my windows

I peek out my front window and I see a snow covered weeping cherry tree.  Bob and I purchased a pair of these at the Kane County Flea about 17 years ago.  I thought they looked like umbrellas ( I have a weird fascination for umbrellas) and my hubby loves anything tree or plant related so he was totally onboard with the purchase.   I remember that the trees were $115 each.  We could have gotten a lot of funnel cakes and corn dogs for that $230 but instead we now have these diminutive quirky trees in our yard that we've been told to let grow long to the  ground (by a landscaper) yet my guy always trims them up into umbrellas because it makes me happy. 
Last saturday as we drove off to have my birthday breakfast I spotted this cool old truck in the lane besides us.  I excitedly whipped out the iphone and tried to get a good snapshot.  There was a bit of ... speed up, slow down, go faster, no, no, you're going too fast, hurry the other car is getting in my way, darn my sideview mirror won't get out of my way, ok perfect I think I got it.  Probably sounds like we were a menace to the road but I can assure you my husband is an excellent driver.  How do I know, because he tells me he is all the time.  
I always enjoy the view from my home office window.  Our house is in an old historic neighborhood and the majestic towering pines that surround it are most likely older than our house which was built in 1898. My office is tiny but it doesn't really feel that way.  It feels cozy and has two windows which let the light and the view flood in.  My office is in what was once the maid's room.  It is right next to the servant's staircase.  I serve myself to a treat when I fly down the back stairs and land in the kitchen.  
This view is out of our bedroom.  You can't see it now but there is a gorgeous old house right across the street.  I love living in an old neighborhood.  I find it comforting to be around things that have a history.  I've just always been drawn to old stuff.  If only the walls could talk.  I'd love to listen to what they'd have to say. 
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39 again

I wish that I could just have stayed put right at 39 years old but no, time does keep marching on.  Saturday I turned 46 but I can honestly say I don't feel a day over 45!  I like a pretty low key birthday.  I'm definitely not into birthday parties or fancy dinners so this year as always I went out for breakfast (my favorite meal to eat out) with my sweet mister and then headed off to some estate sales and vintage shops.  The vintage pickins were not too good but the breakfast was yummy and the company divine.

I must have been a somewhat good girl this year because I was lavished with gifts from my beloved friends and family in a manner fit for a queen.

I received:

  • a homemade, totally from scratch white cake with white frosting that was so delicious it made my stomach and my heart sing
  • a fresh fig candle that smells of a lovely greenhouse.  smelling it is making me dream even more of spring
  • super cute storage containers to keep my vintage buttons in.  my sister called them button bins and then I promptly shortened that to butt bins.  she set me up for that one ... what can I say, I'm pretty immature.  
  • a hand carved stamp from India that was purchased by a friend in India and came with the tales of seeing similar stamps in use to create fabric
  • a batch of the world's most delicious homemade red sauce that is prized in our house and hoarded until we make a batch of lasagna or some other delicious dinner
  • a gift certificate to Townhouse Books cafe ... this is a favorite lunch getaway spot for me and husband.
  • a hysterical and operatic singing of happy birthday via a phone message from minnesota ... an award winning performance that will linger in my mind for months!
  • the cutest tote bag featuring a fit and flare illustration reminiscent of a Dior couture dress
  • a scrump-dilly-ishous cheese souffle and corn pudding straight from the oven of the world's sweetest and kindest woman
  • the funniest stuffed animal ground hog and ground hog's day book.  I laughed so hard I almost cried when I unpacked the stuffed animal from the shipping box.  It was so unexpected yet so appropriate for a girl who get's to share a birthday with the ground hog.
  • the new Willie Nelson cd .... so fabulous!
  • handmade bookmarks, itunes cards, a butcher shop gift card 
  • a hand delivered piece of the world's most delicious tiramisu from La Dolce Vita in Lemont.  
After this embarrassment of riches I could only think and feel one thing.  I'm NOT worthy.  It's hard to feel worthy of the love and affection I receive on a daily basis from my friends and family.  I only hope and I literally pray that I can be half as good to them as they are to me.  My family and friends are the truest gift in my life.  Not only did they make my birthday great, but they make every day great. Pin It