Lisa, Patty, Maureen ... Pick Favorite Stocking Stuffers

The moxie elves are super busy this time of year making merry and gift bagging their little elfin buns off  but they are never too busy to stop and make some recommendations.  When asked what some of their favorite stocking stuffers are this year at moxie, here is what they picked.

Miss Lisa loves.....
Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch.  How does she know she loves them so much???  She eats a box almost every day at work.  An elf girls just got to keep her energy up at this time of year!

Go fish and other cute playing cards makes her must have list.

Rubberband shooters for kids of all ages

And just to keep it fun .... a chill, baby mustache pacifier!  Good picks Lisa!!

Miss Patty recommends .......

Shower bursts ..... aromatherapy for your bathroom.  Place one on your shower or tub ledge to release essential oils to create an aromatherapy spa experience in every shower. 

Patty loves this happy little owl timer and from the looks of it he loves her too. 

Patty says these head massagers are a MUST have!

Miss Maureen's top picks are .....

fun socks .... for him and her

Jumbo smarties .... for all the smarties in your life!

the Croc Claw extendible back scratcher because you know it stinks trying to reach that middle of the back spot.  Let the croc get it for you!

Trap a crap and Daisy Doo ... do they work???? Why yes they doo doo!!!

Thanks Maureen and Patty.... great picks!

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