Sweet Valentine

Would you be our Valentine??
I've been married to my Valentine for 23 years and he's a keeper.  We don't do anything fancy for Valentine's Day but we do exchange cards and sometimes a small gift.  We always make ourselves a special dinner and watch a Netflix.  I don't like going out to dinner on "special occasion" nights as I find it more special to spend quiet time with my mister.  But then I'm introverted so that kind of makes sense. The restaurants get crowded on those holiday nights and I get anxious around crowds so a quiet night in is just perfect for me and my man. Oh, and I usually get a back rub because my sweetie knows that my bad back is always hurting and I really couldn't think of a better gift than that!

We have a wonderful chocolate shop (The Confectionary) here in town so I usually treat my sugar loving husband to some type of chocolate goodness. Why is it that he can eat a whole box of chocolates and not gain an ounce and I can watch him eat the whole dang box and begin to feel bloated without even tasting one.  Darn him and his EXTREMELY high metabolism.  sigh. 

I thank my LUCKY stars that 25 years ago I was trying to make another boy jealous and in my stupid, young, semi-inebriated state I thought dancing with another boy at the bar / nightclub would do that.  (That's a whole different story.) And so to create this scenario at the club I told my girlfriend that I was going to ask "the next guy I saw" to dance and looked over to the wall and saw tall skinny guy holding a beer and thought to myself .... "he looks good."  I walked over and asked him to dance and dance all night we did.  Six months later we were engaged.  And flash forward 25 years ... we are so grateful to my crush at the time, Stephan, for making me so impassioned as to go and do something I never would have normally done and asked the world's shyest boy to dance.  We were destined to be together. 

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  1. What a sweet story about how you met. Of course, after reading your post, I want to go to the Confectionary. Their dark chocolate nut clusters -- be still my heart.

    1. Oh yes .... dark chocolate anything is divine!

  2. Oh, that is the sweetest introduction story! I love it.

  3. So sweet! You two are a match made in heaven!