Beauty and Peace at The Morton Arboretum

One of my newest favorite places is the Morton Arboretum in Lisle.  A place that we visited on field trips as a child but I had never been back to until recently.  It is about 45 minutes east of DeKalb but so worth the drive!  
 I purchased a yearly pass for the hubby and I.  50 dollars per person which is a deal if you plan on going daily, weekly, or even monthly because a single day's entry fee is $12.  We've been going weekly and have already saved money by having the membership card. 
 The Arboretum is so large that it will likely take us years to see it all.  But we've been having fun picking different spots to explore each time we go. 
Things were pretty frosty Friday morning but the sun was shining and there was some great Fall color still to be seen.
 If I remember correctly, this is a Miyabe Maple.  Isn't she pretty?
 Even the Arboretum carts look pretty with their red color against the brilliant yellow.
Happy November!
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