vintage sweaters for him

If there is one vintage item that mister moxie loves it's a chunky vintage sweater!  See, that's him wearing one of his favorites right here!  Those pictoral sweaters are super hard to come by naturally.  I'm sure a search on ebay will reveal quite a few but we get our kicks out of searching for them out in the land of estate sales and thrift stores.  Every time he knows I'm heading out to a sale he reminds me to "look for a cool sweater" for him.  It's a really good day if I'm successful but more often than not I don't find a sweater that meets his PARTICULAR criteria.  It has to be pretty big since he has broad shoulders and long arms and it has to be "chunky" ... no girly "thin" sweaters for him.  And he won't wear a pullover it has to be more jacket like than sweater like.  Whew ... I'm exhausted just repeating all of his specifications!  Just kidding, whatever makes him happy is fine with me.  We all like what we like!  

 This Lord Jeff sweater is new to our shop and was not scooped up by the mister.  A bit too small for him and not quite his perfect style but very cool and nordic like.  Just got put out for $19.
This yellow Jantzen is also a recent shop arrival offered up for $16

Now that sweater weather has arrived here in Illinois we will be on the lookout for some handsome offerings for our menfolk customers and as always we have lots in stock for the girls too!  Oh and if you happen to have a large pictoral sweater tucked away in the back of your closet featuring, deer, fish, wolves, a snowmobiler or some other outdoorsy theme.... bring it on in to the shop because I'd love to purchase one for the mister for Christmas.  He's been pretty good this year! (so far)
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  1. I think a woman could also wear that Lord Jeff sweater. Pretty cute.

    1. I agree ... it looks very much like the nordic sweaters we find which are very unisex looking.

  2. Great sweaters and love that Mister Moxie!