Jacket Love at Moxie

Since we are right in the middle of getting ready for our holiday open house this week (the Open House is Nov. 17th and 18th ... hope to see you!) I am burning the candle at both ends and am going to rely on some photos to do the talking for me here.  

We've got jackets and blazers a plenty in shop right now.  Here are a few that will get put out tomorrow.  Thanks to Miss Stephenie for doing the modeling once again.  If it weren't for the fact that she may possibly be in the top 3 nicest people I've ever known I'd have to kick her sweet behind for being so darn gorgeous.  Oh to be young and skinny.  Sigh. 
Chloe made in France ... so graphic - $29

love the banded waist and self belt ... flattering $29

we love black and tan .... nice tailored blazer - $29

tux style jacket ... cute for an evening out - $29

military details in black and white - $26

tailored camel jacket - $29

Ellen Tracy - $29

love the big buttons and 3/4 sleeves - $19

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  1. Great job Stephenie (as usual!!!) You look beautiful! We can never tell just how gorgeous these clothes are when on the hanger so thanks for always helping Megan with that!

    1. I agree Courtney ... she is so helpful in so many ways!

  2. Stephanie and the jackets look beautiful.