Turkey Day Redemption

 I'm hosting Thanksgiving dinner next week and it is only the second time I've had the opportunity in the 22 years I've been married.  The first time was not a success.  No one but me said that but I did the actual cliche of not calculating the proper cooking time for the bird and we were all salivating next to the oven for two hours past it's scheduled done time.  

This year I'm determined to do it right.  I've even ordered a fresh Ho-Ka turkey so there is no mishap with thawing out the Butterball.  I'm looking forward to righting my wrong and I'm glad the opportunity to host has fallen upon me once again.  My sister Lara is making the dressing for me and will guide me patiently thru the homemade gravy process so I feel like this year's meal might be a success.  It will be a smaller group this year as member's of my big family keep moving far away at an alarming rate (waaaaaaahhhhhh)!  On the bright side, smaller group equals a little less pressure that an angry mob is going to turn on me for not feeding them in a timely manner.  
 My family has traditionally had a dressing made of what I'd call the standard pepperidge farm bread mix and never a cornbread dressing.  I'm thinking of making an extra batch and trying out a cornbread mix too.  It sounds good to me.... I love regular cornbread.  Any feelings out there on cornbread dressing??
What are your plans for Thanksgiving??  And, do you have any turkey tips for me??  Happy Thursday everyone ... Turkey day it's only a week away.  I'd better get that grocery list going now! Pin It


  1. As a Southern girl, I LOVE cornbread stuffing. I use a mix of cornbread and stale wheat bread with onions, celery, giblets, and lots of sage. Yum, I'm making myself hungry just thinking about it.

    We got a Ho-Ka last year. It was quite good. We picked ours up at the farm, which was fun.

  2. Thanks for the tips on the cornbread dressing. I think I'm going to try it! Hope you and your family have the very best Thanksgiving!